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Oct 16 2021

Good evening everyone, hopefully you all have been enjoying this great weather and playing some golf!

As you know this past Friday we had our Fall Banquet, which was attended by about 60 of our members. We all had a great time and the last few stragglers were finally kicked out by Ashley and crew around 10:30. Without a doubt the best part of the event was finally having everyone together and enjoying a good meal, drinks and comradery! And that we now have a towel dispenser in the mens room!!

After dinner our President, Jim Biederman, spoke and introduced each board member to give a recap of the year in which all of the winners of the Stroke Play, Match Play and Belfairs events were given trophies and or cash. We also announced the top money winners, with Garrett Carbone taking the top spot in that regard. Well Done Garrett!

James Eck also wanted to give a special shout out to the following guys for participating in the CGA Interclub Match Play Event, wherein we made it to the final 8!

Scott Cavallaro, Mike Davis, James Eck, Matt Zoller, Lynn Cooksey, Mark Smith, Henry Leuthauser, Mark Parizotto, Ken Howard, Trent Wood, Chong Woo, Mike Boling, Paul Twining, Ken Carlson, Mike Fisher, Steve Tanabe, Matt Huppert, Corey Bickford, Steve Romero, Duane Schettler, Grant Tanabe, Chris Strubel and Justin Enderes.  

We also had a reading, by Jim, from a statement from our player of the year Bill Lobb:

"Last Saturday was one of the most rewarding and memorable days that I've had in the Kennedy men's club. I've been in this club 34 or 35 years. It wasn't just the good round that I played and being able to win the KMC cup. But it was you guys when I got into the clubhouse and I got the congratulations and everybody was so upbeat about it that I played so well. So it wasn't just the playing my best round of the year (great time to do it) it was the guys in this club.

I always stop at the Jimmy O bench on 5 and have a little chat and ask for some good mojo for the hole and the rest of the round. Jimmy O always had an "I love you man" for you. I wish to say I love you guys and thanks for all the positive mojo I received last Saturday.

Greatest club and members around."

We certainly agree with Bills statement, we do have a fantastic membership!

We then proceeded to the elections for the all of the positions on the board. The positions of VP, Treasurer, and Handicap Chairman, were not opposed and a motion to continue with Chris Strubel, Chong Woo, and James Eck respectively, to remain in their positions.

Sean Vongsakoun and Matt Alcorn expressed interest in running for the Co Tournament Chair positions and after a vote, Mike Boling and Gary Heeney will remain in these positions. We wish to thank Sean and Matt for their interest in serving on the board.

With our current President Jim Biederman, stepping down and us needing to fill that position a motion to nominate our current Secretary/ Communications director, Trent Wood, as President for 2022, was made and with no objections Trent will be the President for 2022.

This left the position of Secretary/ Communications open and Jeff Parden expressed interest and with no objections he was voted in. We are certainly looking forward to having Jeff on the board for 2022!

We will soon be meeting to set our upcoming schedules and formats and will look forward to another great year in 2022.

After the elections we finished the putting contest. 45 entered and we had 12 make 1 putt. We then had a playoff and we were quickly down to two survivors. After a few rounds of neither of them making a putt, finally, Chris, " I want a new plaque" Strubel came out victorious over Lynn Cooksey. Congrats Chris!

As noted above Jim Biederman will be stepping aside as President and he wanted to offer the following statement to all of you:

I suppose that it is typical that when a person who has served in a leadership role steps down from that position, their thoughts move into a period of reflection. What was, what could have been, what worked well, and what could have been done differently. I find myself in this position as the 2021 KMC golf season has ended. I take several deep breaths and think about where we have been and what we have all accomplished as a Men's Club over the years, as well as the excitement of the years to come under the leadership of Trent Wood, our new president-elect, and the rest of the KMC Board.

I have served on the Board of the club in some capacity in about 30 of the 38 years that I have been in the club. When I first thought about being on the Board when I was a wide eyed 23 year old hacker, I looked up to people like Bill Myers, the President at the time, Ken Doby, our club's Emeritus, and my Father-in-Law, John Cook. They gave me the confidence that I could handle the job and were a big influence on leading me to where I am today. They had no idea what they got themselves into! Over the years, I enjoyed spending time with many talented and dedicated people that have led this club to where it is today. The membership is second to none and I have always seen the diverse opinions and the camaraderie of the club as the best. I am excited to see it continue and grow.

I wanted to thank all of you for the kind words and kudos you gave me, it means the world to me and am proud to call you my friends. I am stepping down but not away. I look forward to teeing it up with you, telling stories, and continue solidifying friendships.

Very sincerely yours,

Jim Biederman

Jimmy B, you will be missed and it has been a pleasure serving under your leadership and guidance and we will continue to make you proud of all that you have accomplished during your time as an officer of the BEST club around!

We wish all of you the best during the off season and cannot wait for 2022 to begin!

Take care, be safe and stay healthy!!

And always Fairways and Greens! 

KMC Board.

Jul 28 2021

KMC Grand Lake 2021 Tee Time Groups and Info

Hi All,

Our annual trip to Grand Lake Golf Club is upon us and I have talked to many who are totally pumped for this outing! Oh and BTW, Congratulations and Welcome this Saturday to the biggest turnout that we have ever had for our jaunt to our little Grand Lake Gem in the Colorado high country!

If you are signed up for the Grand Lake Tournament this Saturday July 31st, Parings and Tee Times are now available by clicking these links:


Tee Times

Please disregard the Blue designation next to your name as the tees you play are your choice. Your handicap will be determined by the Scheid handicapping system as your scores are entered into our system.

With regards to any remaining or changing Covid restrictions, especially with the Delta Variant surge, Please have a mask handy and follow all Grand Lake Covid 19 rules you may encounter this weekend.

There will not be a check in table. Locate your cart and load up. There is usually someone there from the course that can point you in the right direction.  We will not have physical score sheets again this year, but after we receive your completed scorecard and process it, you will then be able to track full results electronically at these links


Skins and Closest


Stick around if you can to collect your winnings as Tournament Payouts, aside from Skins and Closest, will be Pro Shop Gift Cards.

Also, KMC Members, if you have a good signal on your phone, you may do On-line Scoring for your 4-some. This Score Card link will take you to your groups paring on Saturday morning and you can enter all 4 scores as we have been testing in our last couple of tournaments. You will also be able to get to the On-line Score Card on Saturday morning via the Upcoming Events section on our KMC Home Page. Please note the On-line Score Card requires a KMC Sign-In and therefore is only accessible to KMC Members. AND If you utilize online scoring within your 4-some, your team's score will not be 100% accurate until all 18 holes for all players in your group are entered.

For those of you that have never joined us in Grand Lake, and for those that have-haha. You should always be prepared for inclement weather and according to my insider, the forecast is somewhat (to put it nicely) suspect for this weekend! You can check the forecast as we get closer, but RAIN GEAR, BUG REPELLANT and SUNSCREEN (fingers crossed) are ALWAYS a good bet and great to have with you!

For those of you that have a valid Handicap, please note that we will NOT be posting these scores for anybody. Please post your own score as a Tournament score for this Saturday.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Other than that, give yourself plenty of travel time. We've had some traffic issues in the past that almost caused some people to miss their tee time. Call the course at 970-627-8008 should something arise on Saturday morning and you are not able to reach me. Course Directions Link is here:  Grand Lake Golf Course Directions

For those of you that might be going up Friday and are interested in playing Pole Creek on Friday afternoon, contact Trent Wood for information regarding that.


For anybody staying Saturday Night and looking to play golf on Sunday, we have room for 2 - maybe 3 more at Pole Creek on Sunday Morning. If you are interested in that, please let me know by this Friday afternoon.

PLEASE drive carefully going up and coming home! Can't wait to see you all on Saturday morning in Grand Lake.

On behalf of the Kennedy Mens Club committee, we are thrilled to have you join us this year-Enjoy!

Members, please forward this email on to your guests as they are not included in this blast.



Chris Strubel

Vice President - Kennedy Mens Club

Cell - 720-934-3783

May 13 2021

Greetings Kennedy Men's Club,

This weekend we are playing in our 6th annual Memorial Tournament.

Our Memorial Tournament is to honor the memory of an individual(s), either living, or who have passed, who made meaningful contributions to the club. This year's Honoree is Doug Brower

Doug Brower

Born - August 26, 1949

Died - December 3, 2020

Doug Brower, (Browski) a longstanding member of our club from 90's and early 2000's, who recently passed away. For those who knew him he was a joy to play golf with and was a good friend to many of us.

May 4 2021



This years Match Play brackets are complete and are officially released along with
deadline dates for completing your matches.
They are now available on the Match Play Page on our website.

A few important points:

It is your responsibility to arrange your own match. 
If you sign into your account on the website, there will then be a Member Lookup available
to obtain the contact information of your opponent.

It is important that matches be played by the deadlines in order to keep everything on schedule. There may be some wiggle room here and there but when you know who your opponent is, the sooner you can get your match in - the better.
NOTE: Sometimes schedules conflict and arrangements cannot be made. If that happens, we may be able to come up with a creative way to get the match in. Please contact me if you are having scheduling issues.
If there is just no way for both players to make it work out, both players may be disqualified.

Even though we prefer you to play your match at Kennedy, you may play your match anywhere you like provided it is agreeable by both players.

While playing your matches at Kennedy:

Championship Flight will play from the Bronze Tees

Kennedy Flight will play from the Gold Tees

Presidents Flight will play from the Gold Tees

Vice Presidents Flight will play from the Black Tees

Each player will play with his current World course handicap  at the time of the match wheeling off the lower handicap player.
The difference will determine the number of strokes the higher handicap player will receive.
Those strokes are to be given on the hardest (lowest handicap) holes.
For example:  If I am a course handicap 6 and my opponent is a 1,  I would receive 5 strokes on the 5 hardest holes.  At Kennedy, that is holes #3, 6, 7, 13 and 15.
It is each players responsibility to declare his proper lowest course handicap on the first tee at the beginning of the Match.
It is also advisable that you determine a tie break scenario before you tee off in case the match is halved - sudden death, card playoff, another match if time allows before the deadline.
Tie Breaks in case of a tie are up to you and your opponent.

The winner in each flight will receive a trophy and 1st place prize money, the runner up will receive 2nd place prize money and the 2 contestants that are eliminated in the Semi Finals in each flight will play an additional match against each other to determine a 3rd place winner who will receive 3rd place prize money.

SO - Check out the brackets and let's get the matches started.

Please post your own adjusted score after each match you play and report the results of your match to me.

Thanks guys for your participation - Best of luck to all.

Chris Strubel
Vice President - Kennedy Mens Club

Apr 16 2021

Good morning everyone.  Unfortunately mother nature was not kind to us last night and we will not be playing tomorrow.  The Individual Low Net tournament has now been rescheduled for Saturday May 22nd at Kennedy with times beginning at 10am.  If you are able to play on the 22nd, you must re-enter for this date, all of your paid money has been credited to your account and is available to use for the 22nd or any other tournament.  The deadline to enter for the 22nd is now May 9th.

Our next tournament is the Two Man Best Ball / Aggregate on May 2nd at Wellshire, the deadline to enter this event is this Sunday April 18th.  

Fairways, Greens and better weather!

KMC Board.

Mar 31 2021

Good afternoon everyone, finally our first tournament is here, the snow has melted and the weather looks great for Saturday! 

Please read this email carefully as it is providing a lot of information and details for this upcoming tournament.  

We have an extremely large turnout of this first tournament, 108 players, our tees times range from 10am until 2:20pm.  Our last groups will be finishing after 7pm.  It is extremely important that you keep up with the group in front of you (within 15 minutes) and maintain our 2:15 turn time and 4:30 for 18 time frames and punch your scorecards at the turn and after 18. The time clock is located just inside the south entrance of the restaurant.

This is our first tournament using the combo tees and allowing certain players to move up a box or more.  

As a reminder if your current age plus your current index is 75 or more you are eligible to move up a set of tees. If your number is 95 or more you are eligible to move up to the Silver tees no matter which flight you are in.  In order to do this you must provide your date of birth on your my details tab on our webpage once you sign in. You will then have until Midnight on Thursday night to declare if you want to move up tees. Failure to declare will result in you playing from your flights assigned tees.  IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE US YOUR DATE OF BIRTH YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE TEES! 

You will be able to tell which flight you are in from both the Tee Times and Pairings .  You will also be able to see who has moved up in your flight.

As a reminder for this tournament the 1st flight is playing the Bronze tees, if you are in this flight and total 75 or more you can move up to the Bronze/Gold combo tees.  

The 2nd flight will be playing from the Bronze/Gold combo tees, anyone at 75 or more can move up to the Gold tees. 

The 3rd flight will be playing the Gold tees anyone at 75 or more can move to the Gold/Black combo tees. 

The 4th flight will be playing the Gold/Black combo tees and anyone at 75 or more can move to the Black tees.

The 5th flight (for new members without a handicap) will be playing the Gold tees, there is no moving up tees in this flight.  Callaway Scoring shows how your handicap will be calculated, the system will do this for us, you just need to record your gross score for each hole.  

We realize this might be a bit confusing thus the scorecards we email on Friday will have your corresponding tees and if playing the combos which holes are designated for that combo set.  It is your responsibility to play from the proper tees in your flight- failure to do so will result in a DQ from the tournament.   

As noted scorecards will be emailed on Friday, you will need to make sure at least one is printed per foursome. This is what you will use to stamp your card at the turn and after the round. The email on Friday will have more important details provided as well.  

We appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes.  

The Long Drive hole will be on hole #10 this is open to all entrants and is now dependent on which tees you are playing from.   The first flight of the long drive will be those playing from either the Bronze or the Bronze/Gold Combo tees.   Everyone else will be in the second flight of the long drive and will be playing from the Gold tees, thus the Silver and Black tees will be moved back on this hole only.  Note this is a separate side pot and you must be signed up for this.  Also please be sure that you put your name on the correct sign in the fairway according to the tees used. 

You can view what you have signed up for and make changes Entry Details, once you are signed in. 

Lastly we will be doing lift clean and place in your fairway only and in all sand bunkers.  This is mainly due to the multiple divots in the fairways at this time.  

KMC Board 

Mar 12 2021

Good evening gentleman, we wish you all well while riding out the storm this weekend!  

We are one week away from officially kicking off the 2021 season with our virtual banquet on Friday March 19th at 6:30.  Contact Rob Stokes for the Google Meet link. You will need a Google account or a Gmail email to participate.  You will also need to RSVP for the banquet by noon on Friday March 19th,  We ask that all attendees mute their microphone and if you have any questions to use the chat box.  We encourage you to participate with video as well.  Rob Stokes, will also being doing a screen share to show everyone, especially the new members, how to check in and navigate the system.   Each officer of the club will briefly speak regarding their duties and provide further information about the club and special events, tournaments etc. 

At the end of the meeting we will have a raffle of golf balls, towels, hats and two grand prizes a Vokey wedge and a Wilson Staff putter , however in order to win you MUST RSVP and be present at the end of the meeting when we do the drawing.  There will be no exceptions.  The raffle gifts were purchased using donated money from some of our members an d then the club matched that amount.   If you win a prize please see Ken Doby after the first tournament to claim your prize.   If you win and are not playing in the first tournament contact Ken at  and make further arrangements.  

We have updated our local rules page to include an important change to the slow play rule.  Note that you still need to finish each 9 within 2: 15 or be 15 minutes or less behind the group in front of you, however if you finish the total round in 4:30 or less you will not be penalized.  We will also be collecting the data for each group and each tournament so it is very important that you turn your scorecard over and stamp on the blank side and make sure that each stamp is clearly visible before turning in your card.   

We have updated our  General Information page  where we explain in more detail the Senior and Super Senior tee box changes, this is located towards the bottom of the page.   

We will no longer be using the Club Handicap, we will only use the World Handicap from now on.  If you have any questions please contact one of the Handicap Committee  members. For the new members or anyone wanting a handicap refresher see the updated World Handicap Information 

Here are the links for our current financials  Income Statement  Balance Sheet   As you can see the current balance in the hole in one pot is $2,042.00, which will continue to grow until someone gets an ace.  The second pot will come into play once the first pot is won.   

As a reminder the deadline to sign up for the first tournament is Sunday March 21st.   

We look forward to seeing you at the virtual banquet next Friday.  Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Fairways and Greens 

KMC Committee

Mar 8 2021

Good afternoon everyone, we hope that you have had a chance to get out and play some golf these last few days! 

Our first tournament is quickly approaching, April 3rd, and the deadline to enter is March 21st.  We are pleased with the amount of members who have already signed up for this season.  Please note that we have de activated all of the GHIN access to our members and in order to regain access you will need to sign up for this year.  Also note that you will be required to post all scores beginning March 15th.  

Some of you may have noticed a change in dates for our Two Man Two Day Calcutta in September.  This will now be held on  September 18th and 19th with the auction occurring on the 17th.   Please make note of that change.   The course will be doing their fall aerification after this tournament!  

We have also received the following email from the City Auditors Office, we would ask that you all complete the survey as quickly as possible.  We also ask that you be as forthcoming as you want regarding their questions and you can remain anonymous as well.

Greetings, members of the Kennedy Men's Club,

My name is Cody Schulte and I'm an Audit Supervisor in the Auditor's Office for the City and County of Denver. I'm leading an audit of Denver Golf which we are currently planning for and would love to get feedback from golfers who play the City of Denver's golf courses the most, such as yourselves. If you could take 5 - 10 minutes to complete the following survey (link below), we would greatly appreciate it as it could help us identify areas that we may focus on for our audit. We ask that you please complete this survey by March 19th.

If you have any questions please reach out to one of the board members or respond to this email.  KMC Board Members

If you have not already signed up for the year please do so as soon as possible and remember the deadline for the first tournament is in less than two weeks!

Fairways and Greens 

KMC Board.

Jan 26 2021

Gentleman, 2020 has finally passed and we hope that 2021 has been good to you all so far!  The weather has not been cooperating to play much golf, so hopefully you are finding something to spend your time on this winter!   

Our 2021 season is just around the corner and we are now open for business, please activate your membership up for the year.  Our dues will remain at $225.00 and for any returning member you can sign up with a credit card. New members will need to complete the membership application and mail in the payment.  There will be no spring banquet this year.  However we are planning a virtual event and will have more details soon. 

The schedule is fully posted, with start times, tournament descriptions and which tees will be used for each flight.  As you know we have updated some of the parameters for choice of tee.  If your combined age and index is 75 or over you can move up a set of tees, and take the reduced handicap and remain in your same flight.  If your combined age and index are over 95 you can play from the silver tees again taking the reduced strokes and remain in the same flight.   If you think you will qualify this year for either of these you will need to confirm your date of birth when you activate your membership.  We will send out reminders prior to each tournament but it is up to you to declare your intention by Thursday evening prior to the next tournament.  If you do not declare you will have to play from the assigned tees for that tournament. The system will also alert you when you sign up for each tournament.   Again these changes do not apply to any Calcutta tournament or the Club Championship.  

We have also changed our local rules to add holes 6 & 18 at Kennedy.  If any shot after your tee shot goes into the creek, you can advance to the drop area on the other side of the creek, take a stroke penalty and play in from there.   The local rules page will be updated shortly.  

The City of Denver has increased our green fees to $50.00 per tournament this year.  The 27 hole event is now $90.00.  Please do not shoot the messenger! ?  The first Calcutta could have a slight modification in price to accommodate the early start time on Sunday thus we will either do a split tee or require mandatory carts.  We will update this shortly.  

If anyone has a remaining balance and wants to donate all or some to the Spring Banquet raffle please let Chong Woo know.

We hope you all remain healthy over the winter and look forward to seeing you all soon.  

KMC Board.  

Nov 6 2020

From the desk of our Handicap Chairman - James Eck

The Handicap committee had a pretty busy year with the introduction of the World Handicap and also keeping in check with our Club Handicap. The World Handicap has been a great improvement and we believe is a much better representation of how you are playing "now".  Also introducing Hard and Soft Caps and also a term that we will see more and more of Exceptional Score Reduction.  If you ever have any questions about anything Handicap related please let us know.

This year's Most Improved Player actually was a close race with Mike Boling edging out Derek Vaughn followed by John Crockett.

  1. Mike Boling 27.2 down to 18.9
  2. Derek Vaughn 23.1 down to 18.2
  3. John Crockett 26.1 down to 21.3
  4. Dan Howell 19.1 down to 15.1
  5. Jim Biederman  8.6 down to 6.1

Your Handicap Committee:

James Eck, Keith Simpson, Mike Dowe, George Connolly, Dave Cole, Adam Lyle and Ken Carlson

From the desk of our Vice President - Chris Strubel

Thanks much for your overwhelming participation and patience in this crazy year of 2020


For the Grand Lake tournament, we ended up with very good participation at 44 players and were once again greeted by a beautiful weather day to enjoy. The tournament was won in a card playoff by Jim Lennon and Emily Williams over Paul Twining and Craig Sharbonno. Congrats to you all.

As I understand it, the golf course survived the fire storm that roared through there and supposedly they only lost the Maintenance building where they store their carts. Even though it will look different I'm sure, we are hopeful that we can once again return to Grand Lake next year and help support their wonderful community and the healing process they will be going through.


We ended up with enough players in Belfairs again this year to support 3 flights with payouts for the top 3 in each flight.There were some slim margins of victory as usual.

Congratulations to all of the following guys for placing in their flight and special congratulations to Andris Runka, Justin Enderes and Marcus Romero for their 1st place finish.

1st Flight

1st - Runka, Andris with a net 62.50 = $60

2nd - Chavez, Dean with a net 64.20 = $35

3rd - Knutson, Bob with a net 64.25 = $25

2nd Flight

1st - Enderes, Justin with a net 64.50 = $60

2nd - Vongsakoun, Sean with a net 65.15 = $35

3rd - Heard, Jason with a net 65.25 = $25

3rd Flight

1st - Romero, Marcus with a net 66.45 = $55

2nd - Young, John with a net 67.80 = $33

3rd - Carlson, Ken with a net 68.90 = $22


Once again we ended up with a full Match Play field at 64 players.

There were some very tightly contested matches with many going extra holes to determine the winner.

Congratulations to all of the following guys for making it to the top 3 in their flight and special congratulations to our 2020 Match Play Champions - Grant Tanabe, Craig Petersen, Justin Enderes and Doug Tashiro.

Presidents Flight

Champion - Tanabe, Grant = $80 and a trophy

Runner Up - Chavez, Dean = $50

2nd Runner Up-Draw - Alm, Randy = $15

2nd Runner Up-Draw - Parden, Jeff = $15

Vice Presidents Flight

Champion - Petersen, Craig = $80 and a trophy

Runner Up - Lennon, Jim = $50

2nd Runner Up - Wood, Trent = $30

Kennedy Flight

Champion - Enderes, Justin = $80 and a trophy

Runner Up - Brown, Cameron = $50

2nd Runner Up - Romero, Marq = $30

Wellshire Flight

Champion - Tashiro, Doug = $80 and a trophy

Runner Up - Lobb, Bill = $50

2nd Runner Up - Gemeinhart, Jack = $30

From the desk of our Treasurer - Chong Woo

Here are the club's Income Statement and Balance Sheet, up to date as of November 3, 2020. We ended the year with 129 regular members and four (4) associate members, and generated a total income of $137,573.36. Phenomenal numbers considering the COVID-19 Pandemic. You will note that the income and expenses for Closest to Pins and Skins do not match up. That is due to the payouts for the Mountain Trip and Kennedy-Wellshire Challenge that were coded differently. Those with balances due, you can pay by credit card on the Kennedy Men’s Club website. Those with credits, you have the option of asking for a refund or carry your credit over to next year. If there are any other specific questions related to the club’s finances please contact Chong Woo at

As stated in a previous email we are taking Tips for the Restaurant Staff, just let Chong know how much you would like to donate. You can always use your club credit for donations. Chong does have the ability to accept payment by Venmo if needed. We are also taking donations for Door Prizes for the 2021 Spring Banquet (hoping this can still happen). In 2019 we collected $194 for prizes and this balance will carry-over into 2021. Again, just let Chong know as we are looking to have a great time with giveaways!

Nov 4 2020

2020 Kennedy Men's Club Season Recap of Results

End of Year Report from the Desks of Michael Boling, Gary Heeney and Ken Doby.

First of all we would like to say, it's  been an honor to be part of the BEST MEN'S CLUB in Colorado.  In the year of Covid 19, everything ran like a fine tuned machine.  We would like to give a great big thank you to Rob Stokes for all his hard work getting us up to speed with on line check in, Leader Boards and Financial results for each tournament.  Also like to thank all the members for embracing all the new changes that were put in place because of Covid 19.  


Club Championship Tournament:  Would like to congratulate the
Stroke Play Champions    
Flight 4 Derek Vaughn Net score of 138
Flight 3 Marcus Romero Net score of 140
Flight 2 Mark Parizotto Net score of 138
Flight 1 Dean Chavez Net score of 135.

Club Champion for the 2020 year with a Gross Score of 145……….
After a great play off between Dean Chavez and Bob Maggard, Bob Maggard prevailed with the win in a one hole play off.  
Congratulations to Bob Maggard.


The top five in the Kennedy Cup:
5th Justin Enders 2015 KMC PTS
4th Derek Vaughn 2171 KMC PTS
3rd Bob Maggard 2235 KMC PTS
2nd Mark Parizotto 2273 KMC PTS
Chris Strubel with 3040 KMC PTS

We had 129 overall members of the club.  Of that number, 113 players won at least some money or gift certificates during the season.  
63 members won either cash or gift certificates equal to or more than their membership fee.  That was 49 per cent of the club members.
40 members won at least $300 or more in cash or gift certificates (31% of the club).
24 members won at least $400 or more in cash or gift certificates (18% of the club).
16 members won at least $500 or more in cash or gift certificates (12% of the club).
6 members won at least $600 or more, and 4 members won at least $700 or more.  

Four members were among the top six listed in all three categories: Cash, Gift Certificates and Overall Leading Money winner.    Derek Vaughn, Bob Maggard, Steve Romero and Mark Parizotto. Derek Vaughn was Number One on ALL THREE LISTS! He won Leading CASH with $511.   Leading Gift Certificates with $404.  Overall Leading Money with a GRAND TOTAL of $915. 

TOP 5 leading Cash Winners:

5th Steve Romero $393.00
4th Bob Maggard $395.00
3rd Ken Howard $404.75
2nd Bob Knutson $436.75
1st Derek Vaughn $514.88

Top 5 Club House Money Winners:

5th Steve Romero $324.00
4th Chong Woo $326.75
3rd Mark Parizotto $339.50
2nd Bob Maggard $340.75
1st Derek Vaughn $404.50

Top 5 Combined Money Winners:

5th Ken Howard $640.75
4th Mark Parizotto $702.50
3rd Steve Romero $717.50
2nd Bob Maggard $735.75
1st Derek Vaughn $919.38

Congratulations to EVERYONE for their participation in this year's events.  It has been a year for the ages!

Trivia fact.  If you “average” the places for the board members of our club, they would end up in  the 44th position on the overall list.   Highest position was Chong Woo at #6 (but, of course, he is the Treasurer of the Club!!)

Nov 2 2020

Hello Friends of KMC,

We have come to an end of the strange year we call 2020. Even though we had a rough start to the season, we did find a groove. With the hard work of our Webmaster Rob Stokes, and the rest of the Committee, we were able to hold our events safely while following the proper Social Distancing etiquettes and adhering to The City’s Covid requirements.

Another change to the season is the cancellation of the Fall Banquet. Instead of a sit down, formal Fall Banquet, we will be getting you the EOY information by sending out 3 or 4 emails in the next week or so. Thank you for your patience in advance.

Thank you’s – The Kennedy Men’s Club would like to Thank Devon Puleo and his Pro Shop team for the hard work they did for us this year. We would also like to thank the superintendent, Dean Gleason and the rest of his staff for their hard work they did as well. We would also like to thank the Restaurant staff, Beau, Ashley, Rita, Juan and rest of the gang. They took good care of us while only be able to be at 50% capacity. Tip Jar – We usually pass out a tip jar for the wait and cook staff, and this year will be no different, but we’ll have to go about it a different way. If you would like to leave a tip for the restaurant staff, please get a hold of Chong and use some money in your account to tip them.

Your KMC Board deserves a big thank you for their hard work, extra meetings, and the improvising skills they used to make things happen. Here is your 2020 KMC Board.

Ken Doby – Emeritus

Jim Biederman – President

Chris Strubel – Vice President

Mike Boling – Co-Tournament Chairman

Gary Heeney – Co-Tournament Chairman

James Eck - Handicap Chairman

Chong Woo - Treasurer 

Trent Wood  -  Communications Director

Rob Stokes - Webmaster

KMC Would also like to thank the 2020 Handicap Committee, chaired by James Eck. They were busier this year than in 2019, so a big thank you goes out to James and the following guys for a job well done:

Keith Simpson – Mike Dowe – Adam Lyle – George Connolly – Ken Carlson – Dave Cole

Another special mention for 2020 is our Memorial Honorees, Jimmy Oatis and Greg Cheatwood. May their memories and contributions to the club never be forgotten. The final thank you goes out to you guys, the members! One of our members told us that he left KMC a few years ago and went to a better course, won more money, but never made any friends. He came back to KMC, and it was like he never left. That says it all! So, a big heartfelt thank you to you all!!

Elections for the 2021 KMC Board

KMC would like to start the process to elect our 2021 Board. Since we will not be having our Fall Banquet, we will be voting online this year. First off, we need nominees and new blood. If you would like to add in your ideas and volunteer to be on the Board, please notify Jim Biederman of your intentions. You can get a hold of him at, or text to 303.725.0237. The positions available are President (You must have at least one-year experience on the Board), Vice President, Co-Tournament Chairman, Handicap Chairman, Treasurer, and Communications Director. If you would like to have further information about the duties involved, contact Jim with any questions. We would like to have the nominees by next Sunday, November 8th so we can start the voting process.

That is all for now, you will see the next email in a couple of days. Thanks guys!!

Your KMC Board

Sep 20 2015


Gentlemen, please congratulate this year's Denver Cup team for winning the 2015 Denver Cup! We had a stellar performance from all of the players, especially Bob Maggard, shooting a 69 on Saturday and Adam Lyle shooting a 69 on Sunday! We had a six stroke lead after Saturday and increased that to 20 on Sunday. As you can imagine there was a huge celebration in the club house, in true KMC tradition! There are many stories of greatness from the event, I am sure there will be plenty of discussions during our next gatherings. The cup is proudly displayed above the fire place inside Woods and Irons. The last time we won this event was in 1999. This is truly a great win for our club and we hope that you all can enjoy being Denver Cup Champions!!

Missing from the team photo are Mark Schneider, Daryl Fuller and Jim Russell.

Special props to Jim Mendez and Steve Lacks for their marshalling services during the event. And to Ken Doby who spent two long days, checking in and scoring for us!

Trent Wood
President Kennedy Men's Club.