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Jun 6 2022

Woo and Vongsakoun Win Flight A Calcutta

Chong Woo and Sean Vongsakoun win Flight A Calcutta with a score of 125 edging out Jeff Parden and Dave Crupper by one stroke to take home the top prize.

Jun 6 2022

Ashburn and Senn Win Flight B Calcutta

Todd Senn and Chris Ashburn win Flight B Calcutta with a score of 127 beating Van Swiekatun and Edward Rankin Jr by 2 strokes to take home the top prize.

Jun 1 2022

Rule Change: Lift, Rake and Replace rule in effect at Kennedy Golf Course

Due to inconsistent conditions of bunkers, the KMC Board has decided to re-implement the lift, rake, replace rule until further notice. If you enter a sand trap, you are allowed, without penalty, the option to lift your ball, rake or smooth the sand, and replace your ball in the same location that it came to rest in the bunker. Important: you are not allowed to clean your ball during the act of lift, rake, and replace.

May 31 2022

New Rule for first Calcutta of 2022 (2-man/2-day June 4th & 5th): Limit/cap on 50% buy-back

If a team is unable to buy their own team outright, there will be a limit, or cap, on the price that team is expected to pay if they chose to buy-back a 50% ownership stake from the highest bidder. These caps are as follows: for A-flight teams, the cap to buy-back 50% ownership will be $300 (or $150 per team member), for B-flight teams, the cap will be $200 (or $100 per team member). In other words, the cap applies to an A-flight team once bidding for that team exceeds $600, and for a B-flight team, the bidding must exceed $400 for the cap to be applicable.

May 10 2022

Slow Play Rule Change: QR Scanning is now required!

First off, a big thanks from The Board to everyone who's helped with testing the new QR code system! The Committee feels confident this method is ready to roll, so we are now changing the slow play rule. Beginning at the Memorial Tournament on May 14, we are ending the use of the time clock, and will ONLY use the QR code signs as our official method of monitoring slow play. Your group is now required to scan the QR signs on 1, after putting out on 9, and after everyone in the group putts out on 18. There's more detail on this rule change on the Local Rules page, including what to do if your scanner doesn't work! So please take a moment to read the Slow Play Rule found here.

May 8 2022

It's time to schedule your first match!

Gentlemen, this years Match Play brackets are complete and are officially released along with deadline dates for completing your matches. They are now available on the Match Play Page on our website.

A few important points:

It is your responsibility to arrange your own match. If you sign into your account on the website, there will then be a Member Lookup available to obtain the contact information of your opponent. It is important that matches be played by the deadlines in order to keep everything on schedule. There may be some wiggle room here and there but when you know who your opponent is, the sooner you can get your match in - the better. NOTE: Sometimes schedules conflict and arrangements cannot be made. If that happens, we may be able to come up with a creative way to get the match in. Please contact me if you are having scheduling issues. If there is just no way for both players to make it work out, both players may be disqualified.

Even though we prefer you to play your match at Kennedy, you may play your match anywhere you like provided it is agreeable by both players. While playing your matches at Kennedy

Championship Flight will play from the Bronze Tees

Kennedy Flight will play from the Gold Tees

Presidents Flight will play from the Gold Tees

Vice Presidents Flight will play from the Black Tees

Each player will play with his current World course handicap at the time of the match wheeling off the lower handicap player. The difference will determine the number of strokes the higher handicap player will receive. Those strokes are to be given on the hardest (lowest handicap) holes. For example: If I am a course handicap 6 and my opponent is a 1,  I would receive 5 strokes on the 5 hardest holes. At Kennedy, that is holes #3, 6, 7, 13 and 15. It is each players responsibility to declare his proper course handicap on the first tee at the beginning of the Match. It is also advisable that you determine a tie break scenario before you tee off in case the match is halved - sudden death, card playoff, another match if time allows before the deadline. Tie Breaks in case of a tie are up to you and your opponent.

The winner in each flight will receive a trophy and 1st place prize money, the runner up will receive 2nd place prize money and the 2 contestants that are eliminated in the Semi Finals in each flight will play an additional match against each other to determine a 3rd place winner who will receive 3rd place prize money.

So, check out the brackets and start planning your first match!

Please post your own adjusted score after each match you play and report the results of your match to me. 

Thanks guys for your participation - Best of luck to all.


Chris Strubel

Vice President - Kennedy Men's Club

Apr 15 2022


Due to some of the damage caused by geese on the greens, the Board has ruled that you can take free relief from the holes the birds have created on Kennedy greens. If you are on the putting surface, and either IN a "goose hole" (usually filled with sand), or a "goose hole" is in the path of your putt, you may take the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, in order to avoid putting through that damage on our greens.

Mar 19 2022

Spring Banquet 2022

The first Spring Banquet in two years was a welcome return to normalcy! It was great to see new, as well as familiar faces, and highlight the upcoming season that we think is going to be a great one.

Some changes of note:

Slow play is now of paramount concern for all Denver golf leagues, including Kennedy Men's Club. The city announced it will be monitoring us and is threatening to increase our fees next year if we are habitually slow. Even though we have a very good track record of keeping up pace of play during our tournaments, we are taking steps to ensure speedy play, and provide proof to the city that we do indeed play golf at a respectable pace. As such, we will continue to require score card time-stamps at the turn, as well as at the end of your round. Penalties have not changed for slow play. In addition, we will be implementing a digital time stamp using a QR code that will be randomly placed in a few places on the golf course. For now, there will not be penalties issued based on the digital time stamps, but we ask that you familiarize yourself with the QR code scanner built into the digital score card on, and scan the QR codes when you see them on the golf course. This will provide data that we can provide to the city to prove our pace of play is not slow. Please note that the goal, once we feel the club has become comfortable with this digital method, is to replace the traditional analog time clock with this QR code method for keeping track of pace-of-play and penalizing those who are not able to keep up. So it is in your interest to test this and get used to how it works.

We are also moving away from the official paper score cards. While paper score cards will still be available for you to print, we are requiring that you enter the official scores for your group online. The easiest way to do this is on your phone, log on to your account to see your scorecard for the round, and enter the group's scores as you play. If you are unable to enter the scores on your phone during the round, we will have kiosks available in the restaurant so you can post all your scores after your round.

Another change this year will be for the first Calcutta in June: for this event only, there will be a limit, or cap, on how much a team must pay to buy-back a 50% ownership stake in their own team from the highest bidder. The cap for A-flight teams is $300 (or $150 per player), and $200 (or $100 per player) for B-flight teams. This means that once bidding exceeds $600 for an A-flight team, and $400 for a B-flight team, the costs will be incurred by the highest bidder. So for example, if an A-flight team auctions for $650 (assuming the team does not buy themselves), the highest bidder will be responsible for $350, and the team itself will only pay the cap price of $300, or $150 per player if they so choose to buy-back a 50% stake in their own team. If that team finishes in-the-money, the winnings will be divided between the two parties equally (50/50).

The board has also voted to alter the move-up rule by eliminating the handicap factor (formerly: age + handicap ? 75, player allowed one move-up), to now just based on a player's age. At age 72 a player has the option of moving up one tee box, at 80 a player has the option of moving up 2 tee boxes.

As for tournaments, our first Calcutta will be a 2-man/2-day event: Day 1 will be a Scramble/Scotch format, Day 2 will be a Best Ball/Schamble format. We are also bringing back a Ryder Cup Match play event that will be played at Wellshire on July 9. We are looking forward to those events!

For those of you who joined the banquet, the board thanks you for attending. We also want to thank the restaurant staff for their incredible service and of course, another delicious meal!