Kennedy Men's Club
P.O. Box 371031 | Denver, CO 80237

Past Memorial Tournament Honorees


Doug Brower

Born - August 26, 1949

Died - December 3, 2020

Doug Brower, (Browski) a longstanding member of our club from 90's and early 2000's, who recently passed away. For those who knew him he was a joy to play golf with and was a good friend to many of us.


Gregory 'Greg' Cheatwood

Born - August 1, 1947

Died - September 5, 2019

Greg joined the club in 2010 and was an upstanding member for 8 years. He battled cancer with the same grit and determination as he displayed on the golf course, but eventually succumbed to the nasty disease. If you have played with Greg, he had a very unique approach to putting. He mastered putting with an old metal driver. He told me that the gear effect on the driver face helped him make putts. Which in fact was true. When he wanted to change his putter, he would just paint his head a different color. Greg's brother Jim asked that we tell everyone that he is proud that his friends chose to memorialize him in a special way.

James 'Jimmy O' Oatis III

Born - August 25, 1945

Died - November 1, 2019

Jimmy joined the club in 2007 and was a well liked member that brought a lot of character to the club. During his fight with cancer, he was always battling to get on the golf course and be with his friends. Jimmy O was our 2015 Club Champion in the Vice Presidents Flight, something he is immensely proud of. His wife Carol is happy that Jimmy had such great friends, and that she loved being around them as well. In Jimmy O fashion, he told Carol that his favorite spot on the Kennedy Golf course was on top of the hill on the par 3, 6th hole, and that you can see the whole course from there. I told Carol that he meant the 5th hole. HAA She also said that Jimmy did not want any fanfare after his passing. No muss, no fuss. Well, against his wishes, she has purchased a Memorial Bench that has been installed on the course. Look for it on the tee box of the 5th hole.


Jerry Hensen


Babe Lind

Bill Myers (Still with us. Living in Arizona)


Larry Harper

Dave Harper

Lloyd Hightower

John Cook

Arnold Palmer


Bob Mize

Bob Linehan

Rick Hall

Mike Edlin