Kennedy Men's Club
P.O. Box 371031 | Denver, CO 80237


If you enter on time, you will be able to participate in as many events as you desire.


You may enter tournaments in any one of three ways:

  1. You can enter an event on the Kennedy Men's Club website at least 2 weeks before the event.
  2. Send in the Entry Sheet for all (or group) of the 2021 Tournaments.
  3. Send in Individual Tournament Entry Forms at the bottom of each tournament summary sheet.


All members can create a KMC Account by signing in with your name and use your GHIN
number as a password. You can change your password at that time for security/privacy reasons. Once your account
has been activated, you can manage your profile and keep track of all your KMC financial and tournament
transactions. You can sign up for tournaments on the website
prior to the deadline, as well as any side pots. You can also withdraw from a tournament through your KMC Account,
as long as it is before the entry deadline.


After the 2 week cut off, you may E-Mail or call one of the Co-Tournament Chairman,
Michael Boling or Gary Heeney to be placed on the wait list. If there are any cancellations, members will be

called in order of entry onto the wait list for entry into the tournament. You may also show up the day of the
event and be placed on a stand-by list in case of a "no-show". This stand-by list is on a first come, first served
basis and you must be physically present to sign up.


You may withdraw from a tournament a minimum of two weeks prior to the tournament and
receive full credit. Since we pay the City in advance, if we have less than two weeks notice, you may forfeit your
entry fee if we cannot fill your spot from the wait list. E-Mail or call one of the Co-Tournament Chairman Michael
Boling or Gary Heeneys to withdraw and then E-Mail or call the Treasurer Chong Woo to arrange for a credit toward
future events. You can also withdraw from a tournament through your KMC Account, as long as it is before the entry


In the event that a team member is a no-show, on the day of the tournament, the
Committee will do its' best to come up with a way to still include the team in the regular tournament results.
This may include "blind drawing" a player from another team to complete a score, one player on the team playing 2
balls, etc. Rules for this will be set on the day of the tournament and available at the check-in table on the
daily tournament rules sheet. ALL decisions will be FINAL. NOTE: Because of the importance of maintaining the
integrity of our team tournaments, no-shows at any team tournaments may be barred from participating in future
team tournaments. Also see the Calcutta Auction Events section on page 8.


Tee Times will be available the Wednesday prior to each event. They will be E-Mailed to members and also be
available on our website at In the event that you don't have e-mail or access to the
Internet, on the Thursday prior to the tournament, you may call the Pro Shop of the course we are playing for the
given event. Use the following numbers:
Kennedy Pro Shop: 720-865-0720
Wellshire Pro Shop:


You MUST check-in AT LEAST 30 MINUTES prior to your tee time ( one hour prior to the Silver, Gold & Bronze).
This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the Rules of Play for
the day and get to the first tee on time. If you fail to check in on time, your spot MAY be given to someone
on stand-by. If you are running late or cannot play, contact the Pro Shop to alert the Committee or contact one
of the Co - Tournament Chairmen to advise us of your situation. 


For Net (handicapped) events, your most recent USGA Home Course Index (adjusted for the
course slope) will be used. If you have questions how this works, please contact the KMC Handicap Chairman James
Eck Jr. In team events, your handicap may be reduced to 80% or 90% according to the CGA (Colorado
Golf Assn) and USGA Team Play Guidelines. NOTE: The Committee may, at any time during the season, adjust a club
members handicap under any circumstance it feels necessary to do so. Before any adjustment, the Committee will
explain the reasons to the player and will give the player an opportunity to explain any circumstances applicable
to the proposed adjustment.


In all of our tournaments, our handicap chairman will post the scores for every
participant. For any other casual round of golf that you play, YOU MUST post your score. The GHIN system will be
available for you to start posting scores on March 15th of each year. Any member, who is found to be playing casual
rounds of golf and not posting those scores, could be subject to a handicap adjustment by both the KMC Handicap
Chairman and the CGA/USGA. Remember you can post your scores at the course the day you play or you can post scores
online at New Members: In our first tournament we will have an extra flight just for
new members who don't have a USGA handicap. In order for you to be handicapped in our 2nd tournament,
you MUST have at least 3 scores posted under your GHIN number. If you have fewer than 3 scores posted, you can
play but you will play in the 1st flight as scratch and receive no strokes. In order for you to participate in
our 4th tournament, you MUST have at least 8 scores posted. You will be INELIGIBLE to participate in
ANY TEAM EVENTS until you have at least 8 scores posted. Please contact James Eck Jr. for any
questions or information on handicaps and/or posting of scores.


Prior to starting, each group will be given an official scorecard by the course starter.


Any given event will pay the field between 30 and 60 percent. The certificate amounts
will be registered in the City of Denver computer system and can be used at any City of Denver Pro Shop. Winnings
can be used for greens fees, carts, and/or merchandise. Be prepared to give your GHIN number to the pro shop to
redeem your winnings.


Record all of your scores on your scorecard as "GROSS" -- NOT net scores. Gross is
without handicap strokes - Net is subtracting strokes to adjust for handicap. Except for KMC Local Rules, all
tournaments will be conducted according to the USGA rules of golf. NOTE: If special rules are in effect, you will
be notified by email and/or at the check-in table the day of the event.


In addition to the payouts, there are cash pots for other contests during each event. These are not funded
through membership dues and require additional entry fees. For each tournament, there will be "pots" for the

  • Flighted Low Gross ($5 entry). Top 3 Low Gross scores (no handicap) in each flight will win.

  • Flighted Low Net ($5 entry). Top 3 Low Net scores in each flight will win.

  • Closest to the Pin ($2 entry). On all 4 of the par 3's, closest ball (on the green) to the pin wins. If
    you did not enter this contest, PLEASE DO NOT sign or move the signs on the course.

  • Long Drive ($3 entry) WILL BE FLIGHTED THIS YEAR Longest Drive that comes to rest in the fairway wins. If
    you did not enter this contest, PLEASE DO NOT sign or move this sign on the course. The Daily Tournament Rules
    Sheet at the Check-In table will inform you what hole the long drive contest will be on. A and B flights will
    be combined and have a BLUE SIGN, C and D flights will be combined and have a YELLOW SIGN. IF YOU HAVE ENTERED

  • Flighted Skins ($5 entry). Within your flight, get the lowest score on a hole(s) and win a skin(s). Skins
    will be designated either Gross or Net for each tournament.

  • Hole-In-One Insurance ($2 entry). Get a hole in one and win the hole in one pot. NOTE: The Hole in
    one contest is only valid in REGULAR Kennedy Men's Club Tournaments AT Kennedy and Wellshire. This DOES NOT
    include the Tournament at Grand Lake.

  • Day Money ($5 entry - PER DAY). Top 3 scores in each flight will win. NOTE: only applies to the three,
    two-day events.

Cash payouts will be credited to your Kennedy Men's Club account.


We have instituted a Senior and Super Senior designation for players this year. A player will be considered a Senior if the combination of your decimal age plus your index is greater than or equal to 75.0. Players that are a Senior may opt to move up and will be assigned to the set of tees in front of the tees for your assigned flight. Eg. if your flight is assigned to the Bronze tees you will be moved up to the Bronze-Gold combo tees, if the flight is assigned to  the Bronze-Gold you will be moved up to the Gold tees. A player will be considered a Super Senior if the combination of your decimal age plus your index is greater than or equal to 95.0. Players that are a Super Senior may opt to move up to the Silver tees. When a player moves up they will get the course handicap based on the slope and rating  of the tee played. 


This event will take place on July 31st at Grand Lake golf course in Grand Lake, CO.
ALL ARE WELCOME (friends and family) to participate in this fun day in the mountains. The format of this
tournament will be a 2 - person Better Ball. You can pick your partner or have the Committee assign you one. We
encourage members to bring as many family members and friends as you wish. If you have a any questions, contact
Chris Strubel for more information.